Each Piece is One-Of-One

We start with designer vintage or secondhand clothing that is sourced from all over the world. We lovingly transform each garment into unique statement pieces that will add that touch of BOLD to your closet. Everything is hand-sewn and hand-painted.

When Avant Garde Goes to Prep School

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  • Where We Buy From

    We do a lot of shopping. Whether it is online shopping from second-hand retailers or hitting up local vintage shops wherever we are traveling, we are always on the lookout for the best pieces!

  • Sustainable Fashion

    By choosing to NOT produce new products and use ONLY second-hand (and amazing) clothing, we contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry.

  • How We Do It

    Magic. No, just kidding. But your couture piece is sourced, sewn, painted, and created by two amazing and talented women. Nothing is mass-produced, every piece is one-of-one.