How It Started...

A cashmere goat came to me in a dream one night and told me he was tired of his luxurious fleece being used to create such boring, color block designs and something needed to be done to rescue the banal fate of cashmere.  And that I had been chosen for this mission.

No, that didn’t happen, but it would have made an excellent origin story.  Truth is, I’m the goat in the dream, wanting greater things for cashmere.  I’d been shopping on The RealReal more than I care to admit, and because I like nice things, I am naturally drawn to cashmere. But it IS all rather boring.  How many plain gray sweaters does the world need?  So I started experimenting.  With designs, with paints, with different textures of cashmere. And thus, Stash Cashmere was born with our mission to rescue boring cashmere, one sweater at a time.

Exactly What Do We Do at Stash Cashmere?

Stash Cashmere upcycles second-hand designer cashmere sweaters by hand-painting/printing them with one of our custom designs.  Each sweater is one-of-one, completely original.  By using second-hand sweaters, we are supporting sustainable and slow fashion. We love how using second-hand designer sweaters influences the design of each sweater and keeps each creation completely unique.  We also get to benefit from the beautiful quality of high-end designer labels. They’ve already created an amazing product, why not use it to create something new?

Owner with Cashmere Sweaters
Upcycled cashmere sweaters